Senior Software Engineer (Front End)

About us

TravelNest is an Edinburgh-based travel tech startup. We have created a platform that enables holiday let owners to set up, manage and optimise all of their marketing from one place.

We work in cross-functional teams, each dedicated to a different area of the business. Examples include our onboarding flow, marketing optimisation, API integrations and internal process automation.

We are a highly collaborative engineering team that works hard to serve each other, and be considerate of each other’s work. We iterate to improve our working processes, and take our team culture seriously.

About the role

As a senior software engineer working on the front end, you will take a lead role in helping the engineering team deliver an excellent user experience to our customers, working closely with our designers and product managers to implement well tested and robust features. At TravelNest, working on the front end would include:

  • Being seen as an expert in your field, helping the engineering with domain-specific problems and guiding the evolution of the front-end codebase
  • Collaborating with our product managers and project stakeholders to plan the team’s work, proposing solutions and raising issues well ahead of time
  • Defining best practises and principles for working on our front end product
  • Helping other team members grow and develop by encouraging pairing, collaboration and knowledge sharing

What we are looking for

  • A deep knowledge of modern front end technologies
    • HTML and CSS/Sass/PostCSS
    • Javascript/TypeScript
    • React/Vue/AngularJS
    • Webpack
  • Substantial prior experience in a startup or successful technology business
  • Strong focus on continuous delivery and measuring impact
  • Opinions on component-based development and shared component libraries
  • A real keenness to learn new technologies and improve your skills - and to spread the knowledge to the rest of the team
  • An ability to balance the needs of the product and manage technical roadmap/technical debt

If you identify with some or all of the above points then we’d love to hear from you - cultural skills and mindset are important to us as well as technical.

Tech in TravelNest

The travel tech industry provides some unique challenges - our day-to-day involves working with a range of third party providers with different technical approaches, so the core of our business is in building resilient integrations that can provide immediate feedback on the state of asynchronous processes.

We are building a microservice architecture consisting of both front-end and back-end components. We use whichever tools and languages best help us solve our customers’ problems - currently, that looks like a mix of Python and Node.js for our services and React with Redux 9 (via TypeScript) for the frontend.

Our front end is currently a large React project using a mix of Redux and React Hooks for state management, using TypeScript which is built via Webpack. We have a small but growing component library which uses Lerna to publish small independent components to private NPM packages.

We practice continuous delivery to production with safety through automated tests and alerts. As engineers we take responsibility for testing, deploying and monitoring the services we build. TravelNest has no specific devops or QA roles - the engineering team owns the full lifecycle of the features we build and deploy.

In Return

We offer a competitive salary, stock options, a great working environment and the opportunity to grow our product and business together.

As mentioned, we are a company with a strong culture, and we will encourage and support you as you grow into the role.

We are only just getting started, and believe we can be one of the first companies in travel tech to provide a truly first class experience to our customers by solving some challenging technical issues.

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.