Us (The Company):

One of Edinburgh’s most exciting startups, TravelNest is 2 years old, has recently completed a successful funding round and is going through a period of rapid growth. The company operates in a fast-paced agile environment and needs self starters who can deliver impressive results from a blank slate.

Us (The Blurb):

We’re looking to build a team to grow with us as we aim to develop the leading SAAS platform in our sector. We believe in a bottom-up approach to management and giving our teams ownership of the way they work. Travel Nest is ideal for self-motivated individuals looking to work in a fast paced environment with young tech-focused colleagues.

The Role:

We are recruiting a whole new tech team under our CTO.

We purposefully haven’t set a level of senior/junior or X years experience. We want developers/engineers/testers who buck that trend and who are defined on their own terms. We are hiring a team that have complementary skills, not cookie cutter clones. So if you rock API design but don’t do front-end? That’s awesome. Alternatively, do you love end-to-end full stack development? Brilliant.

You will have the opportunity to architect and build the entire stack from scratch.

You will have the opportunity to architect and build the entire stack from scratch. Your opinion, skill set, knowledge and desire will be taken into account to ensure we create an environment where you will thrive.

You (The Person):

  • You understand that personality is more important than technical skills.
  • You care about Quality, not just the end product.
  • You are comfortable saying No, and explaining why.
  • You are comfortable hearing No, and the explanation why.
  • You are comfortable asking why.
  • You want to be challenged.
  • You are a really nice person.

You (Requirements):

  • You will write maintainable code, tests and documentation.
  • You are capable of building robust web applications using n-tier architecture and/or micro-services.
  • You have API experience, including integration and RESTful API design
  • You understand server-side MVC frameworks (e.g. Rails, Django, Symfony, Laravel etc)
  • You are able to dig deep into business requirements and having a sense of ownership over your work
  • You have a desire to learn and share new practices
  • Mocking out a database design doesn’t scare you.
  • You have a good understanding of securing your application and API endpoints.
  • You have good debugging skills – within IDEs, testing, and the browser.
  • You follow a TDD approach and understand the importance of automated testing
  • You are happy using Rapid Application Development to get CRUD PoC’s in front of the team quickly.
  • You are comfortable with the basics of version control (e.g. Git)

You (Bonus Points):

  • You are comfortable with the use of task runners and automation.
  • You feel comfortable with package managers.
  • You have an opinion on tech trends.
  • You have worked in a single-team environment before.
  • You understand Open Source technologies and are an active participant in the Open Source community
  • You have a broad interest and knowledge of multiple programming languages
  • You don’t think that anyone JavaScript framework is going to save the world.
  • You are comfortable in an Agile/Lean/Scrum/Kanban process
  • You have come across virtualization technology (e.g. VMWare, Docker, Vagrant)
  • You know about software build and test solutions (e.g. Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo, TeamCity, CircleCI)
  • You have experience in a startup environment

Next Steps:

No surprise here, we want to see your CV.

We’d also love to get a better idea of who you are by seeing your LinkedIn, personal website, GitHub (or equivalent), links to any cool work you’re proud of. Feel free to share social accounts if it’s relevant, but no worries if it’s not.

A cover letter also goes a long way!

We’ll be collecting CVs and contacting people to start the rolling interview process weekly. There will be 3 rounds of interviews starting with phone/Skype/hangouts.


Thanks but no thanks. Seriously though, NO!

Any CV received will not be treated as an introduction.

Equal Opportunities:

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.